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Tadaima 川・`ω´・)人(^O^川 Glad to see people still remember me!

Twitter 2014.04.14

Sayaka: (retweeted by Miyazawa Sae)
I, Akimoto Sayaka, is the new image character for Speedo.
Please check it out!

How about your boobs? Where are they? Where did you leave them?

I didn’t forget them.
Only pure people can see my boobs.(*)
That’s why, Sae-chan you must have seen them.

(*) 胸 (mune) is literally “chest/breast”. But it’s very often used by the meaning of “heart” too. I think Sayaka used it as double meaning here.


How about your boobs? Where are they? Where did you leave them?

Wait, ROFLMAO (lol)

Uchida, come out here‼︎((((;゚Д゚)))))))

You don’t understand at all.
About the real charm of boobs.
It’s really deep.


Keep calm, keep calm… and put your boobs on! (*)

Don’t put your boobs on!
by Gankutsu

Bravo ♥️♥️!!✨

(*) Sae was making a pun here based on a line in musical “Kuzariaana no Tsubasa”
落ち着いて (ochitsuite): keep calm
お乳ついて (ochichitsuite): put your boobs on
Sayaka also replied with a line in “Kuzariaana no Tsubasa” by Gankutsu.
That’s why Sae bravo her because Sayaka got Sae’s pun right away even when she only watched it once.

Mirachai:[Chapter 56]


――How did everybody think about the noren?

Other cast members also asked me “That’s great! What’s happened?”. Akimoto Sayaka who came to watch my musical opening day also said “That’s a great noren!”, she said with her typical Sayaka tone (lol)

――Your best friend Akimoto Sayaka-chan also came  to watch.

 That day I was really surprised. Because she came dressing in a style that almost exactly like me! That was total coincidence. Glasses, hats, shirts, sweaters. Moreover, her bag was also white like mine. Lately Sayaka always has the image of beautiful style, so that day I purposefully dressed more casually.

Because I thought when we stood next to each other, I would look more childish. I know there are fans who love to see us like that, so I wanted to show them the two of us in such way. That’s why I went for the clothes I bought at the second-hand clothes shop. Even so, Sayaka came dressing just like me (lol)

Sayaka really enjoyed the show. She even queued with the audiences to buy pamphlet. She’s so cute.

――Sae-chan already uploaded those photos on your SNS, right.

Sayaka is also performing in “Kokumin no Eiga”, a stage play by Mitani Koki-san now, so it was really hard for her to find time to go watch my musical.

Actually, I started to have interest in stage plays since I came to watch Sazyaka’s stage plays. In the past, when I was in AKB48 group, the two musicals I performed was also with Sayaka. That’s why after all, Sayaka is still the one I hope that can come to see my musical the most.

"You have to come!", "I will! I will!" we talked about that before. But since Sayaka is also quite a sloppy person (lol) so even when she said that she would come, there are many times when she just let it passed by "Ah, the last day already ended." But only this time, since she couldn’t make it in Tokyo, I heard that she asked her manager to adjust the schedule for her.

And then, after her stage performances in Osaka finished, she even went out of her way to extend her stay in Osaka for more few days, just to watch my musical.

"I’m glad I could watch it! Because I definitely want to watch my best friend’s first musical!" she said. I said "Sayaka, you have become more honest. You have grown up." When we talked, I suddenly sounded more like a big sister, it’s felt really weird (lol) I was really happy.

――Sae-chan you also came to watch her stage play, didn’t you? Both of you are having stage plays at the same time now, you two must have positively motivated each other. I think so, how is it?

That’s true. I also went to watch her stage. What Sayaka is performing right now is a straight play. It’s a different genre with what I’m performing right now. That’s why I was really motivated. 

If I have chances to be in more entertainment stage plays from now, where I can sing and dance and do a lot, then I really wanted to take part in. That’s my dream. But I still don’t have enough courage and confidence to take part in a stage play with only acting…

 Sayaka is now performing in such a play. Moreover, she’s performing with only big names. Of course I also work with real talents people in my musical, but I can’t help but think “Sayaka is so amazing.”

And more, I think a lot of people want to watch Mitani Koki’s productions, whether it’s a stage play, drama or movie. He has so many famous works. That’s why I think being able to be in one of his production is such an amazing thing. It’s really impressive.


*A/N: Mirachai is Sae’s weekly column on Urepia, where she’s learning Chinese with readers…

…Chinese, what Chinese? I only saw “Sayaka is cute”, “Sayaka loves me, she came to see me”, “Sayaka is amazing”…

What Chinese? (・∀・)


Sayaka’s blog (2014.03.20): Enjoying Osaka.

After last day performance of “Kokumin no Eiga” in Osaka, I extended my stay there for few more days.

I spent my time there relaxingly.

My main purpose is…

To go watch my best friend Miyazawa Sae’s musical “Kuzariaana no Tsubasa”.


I couldn’t go to watch it at Tokyo because my stage play schedule was overlapped with hers.

My friend’s first stage!!
To watch it here is my only chance!!
So I bought ticket.

So glad I could watch it.

Because I had promised Sae 😌

Sae was shinning on stage, she has given me motivation for me to try my best as well.

Looking at my friend trying her best gave me strength.
I’m so proud of her.

I bought the pamphlet…


After the show, I had Sae sign it for me ♥


I did it 😃✌



Sae’s blog (2014.03.22): AkimotoSayaka (^ ^)

On the first day in Osaka, my partner and best friend, Sayaka, came to watch ♥️(≧∇≦)
It was really hard for her to find time, but Sayaka said “I defintely want to watch Kuzariaana!”. That Sayaka (lol) ♥️
I was so happy~~(*^◯^*)
After the show, we had dinner together, she told me her thoughts, gave me advices and we talked to each other about we were doing lately (*^o^*)✨

Looked like Sayaka also bought Kuzariaana’s pamphlet like other audiences (lol) I gave her some fan service by signing it for her (lol)


Then, she took photo with Sae on the big panel at Umeda Arts Thearter (lol)

Really, idiot. (lol) ♥️


The two of us were wearing similar clothes (lol)
Caps and glasses and sweatshirts and shirts and white bags… (lol) ♥️ Are we lovebirds!(^。^)


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Thanks ♪

Uhm, as of now, yup I won’t post again :3 Might come back once in a while when I miss my followers (lol)

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Should try typing translations onto a JPEG and watermarked. Or printed to a PDF and stored in Mega or Google Drive. If

Why waste so much time taking things that far when I can just stop translate :3

Just last week I asked people not to reblog my translation/comment/post as their own because I’m just a mean girl who’s not generous enough to see my post flying freely around. And this week again I saw someone else quoted my translation as their own.

But what annoyed me the most is not that they didn’t credited me, but that they quoted it without giving the source of the situation in which it was spoken. And hundreds of people (even my friends who supposed to know it) reblogged it so irresponsibly.

For my translation, I always gave the situation of when and where the girls spoke it so that people can track it and avoid unnecessary false rumors spreading around.

I may act like an elite, but because I understand this is internet so I can’t do anything about that even if I make this kind of warning 1 million times, so I decided to go on hiatus after 2 years since I started this blog.

Lately I’m kind of busy and I don’t want to waste time and then get frustrated like this. I guess my dear followers find this kind of posts annoying too. So, bye bye ♪

I won’t deactive this blog and may come back and post once in a while. But there won’t be regular twitter/blog translation’s anymore. Oh well, I guess you don’t need those anyway :3

Still love Twin so much and thanks my dear followers for the past 2 years ♥

Sayaka:Today I went to Shizuoka‼ It’s a location filming that made me think how good watching students trying their best and their friendship!I will talk about the details later ^ ^ Please look forward to it ✨Sae:No matter what you wear, you always look good.Sayaka:Uhm、I’m the girl who look good even in helmet♡ Wait, hey!(lol)Please give me a role wearing helmet (lol)Sae:Seems like it will come true a year later (lol)

Today I went to Shizuoka‼
It’s a location filming that made me think how good watching students trying their best and their friendship!
I will talk about the details later ^ ^
Please look forward to it ✨

No matter what you wear, you always look good.

Uhm、I’m the girl who look good even in helmet♡
Wait, hey!(lol)
Please give me a role wearing helmet (lol)

Seems like it will come true a year later (lol)

Twitter 2013.11.04


I finally watched AKB48 Akimoto Sayaka Documentary
"Tsuyosa to Yowasa no Aida de"

I was a bit scared. I couldn’t watch it.
But after watching it, I understood.
That it will be what steadily nourish me from now on.
Everytime after I cried, there will be another new start line.
I was really grateful.
I knew that I could try my best.


Where do you what it?

Contacted you.


Watched Sayaka’s Documentary.
My heart hurts, my throat hurts too ;_;

Since time has passed, please let me say this now.

I feel so lonely。。;_;


I’m not crying〜♥️♥️(≧∇≦)
He he (^.^)✌️